This Week in Talent (31st March)

Hello there!

I’m writing to you fresh from the ATC Talent Day Out that happened earlier this week at the GOSH DARN MELBOURNE ZOO (more on that later), and I thought I would share with you some of my favourite insights and highlights. #SharingIsCaring

SO … first of all – Nicola Harrison. What an absolute legend. Nicola shared some insights on business continuity planning, and I made so many notes that I then went away and shared with my Workforce Planning team (and now will share with you). Some things that will help with your business continuity planning are:

  • Exit and stay interviews. You may, like me, have never heard of a “stay interview” … but I’m now a massive convert. Even if it’s not a formal process within your organisation, stay interviews should be happening all the time with your top performers.
  • Automating low-value work so that employees (at all levels) can focus on the high-value, interesting work.
  • Doing a cheeky post-lockdown EVP refresh. Times, and EVP’s, have changed A LOT in the last 2 years.

Another highlight for me was Vicki Emerson, from Thales. She’s such a breath of fresh air – hilarious, authentic, and human. Vicki spoke about how she coped with her TA team all resigning from burnout in the early days of the pandemic, recruiting over 1000 roles, and all whilst also keeping a focus on D&I. I mean … epic.

I took a lot away from the Idea Exchange too – nothing beats chatting about TA stuff with TA peeps. BUT I have to say … being at the zoo was also a massive highlight for me. I’d never been before, and there was time set aside in the agenda for zoo exploration. I heard a LION ROAR, and literally got goosebumps. I saw a hippo, an elephant, 2 giraffes, otters, all types of monkeys, gorillas, chimpanzees, snakes, lemurs, and turtles (doing something that is NSFW … I got a video if anyone is interested).

All in all, a flippin’ fantastic day. If you’re in Sydney DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS! GET YOUR TALENT DAY OUT TICKET NOW!

We also have TA Brew coming up here in Melbs at the Bodriggy Brewery soon that will be equally as good (although … no wild animals this time). See ya’s there!

Dylan Alcott launches disability job blitz

DYLAN ALCOTT IS A NATIONAL TREASURE. He’s teaming up with the Federal Government, with a goal to find work for 100,000 people with a disability. Honestly – an untapped source of candidates that is often overlooked.

Dropbox gives a $25 donation to NFP of candidate’s choice

This is mind-boggling (in the best way). If you’re looking for a new, unique way to attract candidates to your roles… consider this!

The Great Burnout – 1 in 5 Aussies Quit Their Jobs Last Year

And a quarter of Australians are thinking about leaving their jobs this year. With so much opportunity out there, it’s no wonder people are making choices that work for them.

Women falling behind in gig economy

Whilst men typically work tech and engineering gigs, women are doing more entry-level data entry/admin/reception/carer gigs – that is where the gender pay gap starts to grow. It’s not always about getting paid the same for doing the same work – it’s looking at the entire workforce, and at how the world has gendered “feminine” (lower-paying) and “masculine” (higher paying) roles.

Imagine receiving this as step 1 in your interview process …

I can’t even believe this is real? #LazyRecruiting

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