This Week in Talent (30th June)

Hi there,

I’m back from my QLD holiday and back to work. It’s been really hard to settle back in, even though I was only away for a week. I fully switched off, left all my work stuff at home, and fled the state for a week of fun, sun, and pure relaxation.

I can’t recommend it enough, particularly in this flippin’ crazy world we’re living in right now. I rocked up back at work this week with not a stress in the world, no fires to put out, no disasters that happened while I was away. A massive credit to my team who are amazing, but also it makes you realise that you CAN take time off and completely switch off. We’re not saving lives, no one will die if we turn our work phone off and leave it at home.

To get my head back in the game this week, and get my life and work admin in order, I listened to this. I returned to work and legit had no idea what to do. I forgot everything! That’s the sign of a good holiday, but also I needed to get my bum into gear so that podcast helped.

Have a great week/weekend, and book your QLD holiday as soon as possible if you can! If you can’t for any reason, a cheeky day trip down the Great Ocean Road (or similar) would also suffice. Or buy a ticket to our next ATC event at Luna Park in Sydney, and claim it back on tax 😛

Here’s Google’s letter saying employees can relocate to states with abortion rights

With all the horrific stuff happening in the US right now, more companies are announcing their stance on abortion rights and what they will do for their employees to help.

20 weeks of paid parental leave for fathers being considered by the Government

This is good news!

The big LGBTQ+ wage gap problem

A pay gap that people don’t often recognise or talk about is the fact that people that identify as being part of the LGBTQA+ community are often paid less than their cis het co-workers. In the US, non-straight folks are paid 22% less than their straight friends.

The female gender pay gap problem

FFS. A new report states that in Aus not only is the pay gap widening, but it’s also predicted to get even worse.

Has hybrid working made it harder to take time off sick?

*Listen* a poddie about taking a sickie when working hybrid. Why do we feel more guilty doing it now?

Why HR should embrace workplace experiments

I love testing things out in the workplace! Someone once told me that if I want to try something new, to call it a “pilot” and people will be onboard. If you tell people it’s a new initiative they will usually not be onboard. My life is literally a pilot haha. The concept is great though – try something new and look for reasons why it might be right, rather than reasons it might be wrong.

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