This Week in Talent (10th March)

Good morning!

I hope you’re having a divine start to your Thursday, with some wholesome activities planned for the weekend. Me? Well I have been drinking WAY too much the past few months and need a break, so I’ve booked a movie date, a hike, and brunch with one of my pregnant girlfriends (so no chance of boozin’ with a preggo preson). Will chuck in a cheeky gym and yoga sesh too, and you’ve got yourself a very zen AF and wholesome AF weekend planned for ya gal Jodes.

We’ve just started our transition to hybrid working, and it has been a slow rollout (something I love my workplace for) whilst we get used to it … but far out, even 1 day in the office is exhausting. It’s so hard to get work done when there are people around to chat to (can you tell I’m extroverted?) I must admit it has been divine being able to have the ol’ “water cooler” chit chats again, and I’ve already met so many new people. I’ve missed this. It feels real this time, where as last time we (Melbournians) ventured back into the office it always felt like it wouldn’t last for long (and it never did).

What I don’t miss is forgetting how to get ready in the morning! It took me over an hour this morning to look semi-decent. I spent an hour last night too packing my bag for the day and preparing my breakfast and lunch. My airpods also weren’t charged for the tram ride in, so I had to sit in silence and my lunch leaked in my bag. I have to develop a better routine. Also have a read of this LOLOL. It’s literally me.

My lordy I almost forgot to say – HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY for Tuesday! We should really celebrate all people that identify as women every day because women are AMAZING, however it is nice to have a day recognised as our own that is specifically for us. We had an IWD event at work, and it was awesome to hear stories from women across my organisation that have overcome boundaries and become successful in their careers.

I did find it interesting though that there are actually 2 versions of IWD – the “corporate” verison on March 8, and the UN Women’s version on March 4. Having a look at the websites, and doing some reading on both I can see the differences between them (which I won’t go into here as it’d be a bit of a rant). On the whole I love raising awareness, creating allies and celebrating women – however what I love MORE is real life actions, and a global perspective that recognises ALL women (including outside the corporate world).

Also whilst International Women’s Day events are important, I always question … who actually organised them? Who set up the event, booked the room/venue, organised the catering, cleaned up afterwards? And who actually came along and paid attention? Was it women?

Anyways, rant over (lol). Have a great week, and I’ll leave you with this … you’re welcome.

Pay secrecy holding down wages for women

Is pay secrecy contributing to the gender wage gap here in Australia? Do you know what your co-workers doing the same job as you earn, or people within your industry? Interesting to see some states in the US making it law to advertise salary ranges on job advertisements …and it all started from a Tweet!

Holy sh*t this is a great job advertisement

You probably all follow Mitch on LinkedIn already, and if you don’t you must. His writing skills are second to none – flippin’ hilarious!

3 ways smaller companies can recruit and retain talent

As someone who has taken part in a recent Reward and Recognition makeover … these are a no-brainer, but super important and often missed!

Talking about fear at work

I really liked this article this week – as a leader it’s important to acknowledge when things are shit, and we can’t always pretend like the world isn’t about to die and World War 3 hasn’t just started. This article goes through ways to broach this with your team, acknowledge it and support them.

What are your company’s anti-values?

This one is from Hung Lee’s recent newsletter – and I loved the concept to had to share. Are you sick of company values being fluffy, and “nice”? Do you even remember what the values are? How about coming up with some anti-values that people will remember, and lead to tangible outcomes!

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