This Week in Talent (10 June)

Well hi there – I’m coming to you from Lockdown 4.0 in Melbs, and oh boy I’m strugglin’. I love to use this Editor’s Note as my own personal journal, and every week I write about how I’m struggling – but I SWEAR it’s for real this time and it’s serious. I’m an extrovert, and I can’t handle not seeing my friends. My little happiness bubble that recharges and fills up when I’m hanging with my mates is currently empty. I mean … SURE I have Eric (our grey) and Max (my bf) [pictured to the right here] to keep me company, but I’m bored of them now. I need new, varied and lots of IRL social stimulation. Can’t wait for a pub sesh with my friends on Saturday after some of these restrictions are loosened tonight at midnight!

It’s Pride month – and a good reminder for us all to look at our diversity and inclusion programs, and how we can do better. We’ve all seen the memes of companies whipping out the rainbow style logo for the month of June, then changing it back to BAU as soon as 1 July hits as if nothing happened. Don’t let that be YOUR company. You don’t have to work in the D&I team to make a difference – working in TA means you hold the keys to the front door of the business. You could change someone’s life with the actions you take and recruitment strategies you decide to implement. A fantastic podcast episode I listened to recently (which I shared in TWIT a few weeks ago … but incase you didn’t see it) was an interview with Aubrey Blanche where she spoke about how being in a D&I focused role can sometimes mean you work autonomously or as part of only a very small team – it’s actually easier and more effective to make meaningful change in other roles that aren’t D&I specific.  Have a listen here.

On another note … in this extremely candidate short market I promised 2 of my good TA friends that I would do a cheeky little plug for their respective TA vacancies. Check out this Talent Acquisition Coordinator role at AusPost here, and a Talent Acquisition Partner role at North East Link Project here. I wouldn’t recommend these roles if it wasn’t awesome to work with both of these people – I prommy!

That’s it for this week people – have a good one 🙂

It’s time to officially end unpaid internships

I can’t believe these are still a thing … exploitative, unethical and perpetuating diversity issues even further because of the economic privilege in who can and can’t afford to take on an unpaid internship. Ergh!

Don’t let employees pick their WFH days

This article is a spicy meatball I threw into the mix this week. There are certainly things to think about with hybrid working like diversity, unfair advantages in the office, cliques forming that exclude other workers etc … but is the answer choosing your team’s WFH and WFO days and not giving them a choice of their own?

The risks of coming out at work

Despite it being illegal to discriminate based on sexuality, it still happens to LGBTQ+ people everyday, and can affect employment and safety at work. An eye-opening read that will make you want to do better.

Amazon introduces tiny zenbooths for stressed out warehouse workers

Well this is a bit weird. Props to Amazon for trying? Not sure about you, but getting into a portaloo-style container for self care would be my idea of a claustrophobic nightmare.

No Trust, No Team: Six Best Practices for Building Trust on Virtual Teams

When I started my TA Lead role remotely back in January, I really struggled to build rapport with my team and peers over video chat/email. I rely heavily (probably TOO heavily) on my charm, sense of humour and good looks (jokes). All my usual go-to trust building techniques didn’t work! This article was a great little read with some tangible takeaways for all leaders that I wish I’d had 6 months ago.

How To Deal With Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

Do you ever work late, then simply refuse to go to bed at your usual scheduled bedtime because you didn’t get to have your “me” time (aka drinking half a bottle of wine and scrolling Instagram for 2 hours). Welcome to revenge bedtime procrastination!

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