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Note From The Editor

I’ve been feeling a bit cooked and disorganised the last few weeks. Working back in the office 2 days a week has thrown my usual schedule out of whack, and work has been so hectic I’ve gone totally off the rails – eating whatever I want, forgetting that I have gym sessions scheduled, forgetting that I have a dog that needs walking/feeding/cuddles, drinking on a Tuesday night randomly; lots of last minute cancelling of events. I’ve been struggling to get through each day, and just going full peddle to the metal all day with no plan then crashing each night absolutely exhausted but also feeling guilty/anxious because I know there’s things I didn’t get to mark off my ‘to do’ list.

I’m a type A personality – I’m a routine gal, I love being organised, I’m competitive and I hate surprises. So this week I decided enough is enough – time to get my schedule in order and get my entire LIFE BACK TOGETHER (yes I’m dramatic). Today (Sunday) I sat down and planned out my meals for the week, scheduled my gym sessions, got my nails done, cleaned the house, planned my week of work and put on a deep cleansing face mask. I really feel like a proper grown up. I’m super chuffed with myself right now LOL. Anyway – that’s my life story. Enjoy this week’s ‘This Week In Talent’ ❤️

The Five Practices Of Exemplary Leadership

You don’t have to be leading a team of direct reports to be a leader. This article runs through some for the main characteristics of a good leader, how they work and why they work. A good read for any leaders (and aspiring leaders) out there.

Tech Firms Striving For Diversity Fixate On The Wrong Metric

Anyone working in the D&I space will say – it’s not about overall diversity stats of a business. You need to break that down to team level. An increase in representation isn’t an increase in diversity – if your entry level roles are filled with women and POC, but the senior exec roles are still filled with white cis het men … then you don’t truly have diversity do you?

Increase Your Candidate Supply By 30% With This Tiny Nudge

Have you heard of choice architecture? Also called a nudge – it’s a design to make choices easier for humans. This article details how this could relate to recruiters, and the things you do in your everyday recruitment practices. A good little read for people wanting to expand their minds in the sourcing space.

Is Your Hybrid Model Fit For Purpose?

If you’re in the midst of the wild throws of hurriedly designing your companies hybrid work policy – have you taken a step back yet to make sure it’s fit for purpose? This article details what fit for purpose could look like for you, and making sure it ties in with your EVP so your employees aren’t left wondering what the point is.

Reconnecting With Office Based Working

A different take on the ‘returning to office’ saga currently happening, from someone who loves it! I’ve read a lot of articles recently about how people love working from home, so it was refreshing to see an article that chats about the flip side and the positives of working in the office.

The Latest TikTok Craze: Career Advice, Resume Reviews and Interview Tips

Not gonna lie … I like TikTok, and I’ve bandied with the idea of moving my career coaching tips/advice on there instead of using Instagram all the time. Lots of companies are now using TikTok to attract Gen Z workers to Grad and other entry level roles; and job seekers are using it to get advice for their job applications. A free talent marketing resource we should to start tapping into more?

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