Everyone is Seizing the Mobile Recruitment Opportunity – Are You?

By now you have heard about it: mobile recruitment, mobile candidates, and mobile sourcing. But how much have you implemented with your company? Are you still using the same landing pages for jobs? Is your job application process more than 1-step? Did you know that you can recruit candidates directly from your mobile phone?
Think about the number of people on the go, and all they have is their mobile phone at hand. Now think about the onslaught of messages, texts, emails, ads, posts, and tweets that the average user receives. How do you make your message stand out? Do you rely on luck? Or something more scientific?
Grab your lunch, and join me for a chat with Chris McDonald, Senior Director at Indeed to discuss current trends, actionable items, and future trends within the mobile recruitment industry.
We’ll talk about:

  • Why employers are mistakenly afraid to dive into mobile
  • What they need to get started
  • How to optimize job postings for today’s mobile job seeker
  • The key recruitment metrics you should be measuring and why
  • How to prepare your organisation for the mobile recruitment
  • What the trends are within the mobile candidate universe
  • How source via mobile tools and methods that cannot be accomplished via conventional means

Not only is this webinar informative, but it will be a preview of the type of content that you will encounter at the Sourcing Social Talent conference in  SydneyMelbourne or Auckland  in November
Please join us  for some brilliant insights and actionable items that you can implement now!
You can register for the webinar here. 

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