This Week in Talent (24 June)

Jody Smith
Jody Smith

Another week, another TWIT! Whoop!

Keeping it short and sweet this week – some of the fun things keeping me extra busy at work at the moment are: HR Awards, funking up our company LinkedIn page, and lots and lots of recruitment (with no candidates to be found anywhere – yikes, it’s tight out there … that rhymes!)

This week I’ve been making more TikToks (I have 2 followers now), all my depression shopping parcels that I ordered during the Melb lockdown are arriving (yay), and I’ve been rediscovering music to get me through the work day. I actually thought I’d share a playlist I made for winter! I make playlists for every season, and … it’s winter now so voila! I keep adding new songs every. Check it out!

I hope everyone has a fantastical, amazing week!

Keen to boost your productivity and confidence at work? Martial arts might be the answer

So some recent studies have shown that women who participate in martial arts report feeling stronger, safer, more confident and more effective at work. I can attest to this – I do boxing twice a week and I’m kick ass at my job 😉

Women lead jobs recovery as gender equality progress slows

Yeeaaah the girls! Female-led jobs recovery is starting to see more women back in the workplace, however there’s still a long way to go to achieve equality (and the gender wage gap still very much exists).

How to be a professional troublemaker

Who doesn’t love getting up to some well-meaning mischief? In life, we have to be ready to make necessary trouble when it’s needed to disrupt the status quo and make positive change. I would dare to say that in these times, and working in talent acquisition, we almost have an obligation to do this to ensure equity. This is a 13-minute video that will inspire you to start making more trouble at work, and in life!

A Venture Capitalist Told Gen Z To Work Weekends If They Wanted To Be Successful

Ohhh the ol’ hustle mentality/culture. Is it true the working long hours = success? Would love to chat to anyone out there that’s “made it” without the long hours. Where the billionaires at with work/life balance? Holla!

1 Day WFH vs. 1 Year WFH

I promised more TikTok content … and I delivered! This is a bit of fun (and very, very TRUE!)

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