Jeremy Roberts, Editor and Director of #SourceCon Talks About Why He Loves The Event

Martin Warren (@martinwarren), and Jeremy Roberts (imJeremyR) catch up at #SourceCon in Denver, to discuss the event, and why Jeremy loves it so.

MW: Jeremy, thanks for inviting us over to SourceCon. Guys in Australia and New Zealand, Jeremy is the editor and director of SourceCon, and he’s just put on an awesome event in Denver. Truly amazing. So Jeremy, tell us a little about the event, what you’ve enjoyed, and why the guys in Australia and New Zealand should get to the Sourcing Social Talent conference
JR: SourceCon is my favorite event ever. Before I was editor I came a few times. It’s really just a community of people who all share the same passion for talent acquisition, specifically the sourcing side of talent acquisition especially all the technology and tools that facilitate what we do as recruiting and sourcing professionals. I think the most important thing is the community around Sourcon. Everybody at SourceCon shares a lot of information, they’re very open to help each other, and just very very giving to the overall community . That really is the main thing I get from it.
As sourcers, specifically sourcing professionals, we tend to be isolated a little bit. There might be a couple of us in our organisations, but when you come to SourceCon you realise there are 500 people who do what I do, and care about the strange things that I care about. It’s just a great way to spend a couple of days to get to know people with the same interests and profession.
MW. Fantastic. Thank you Jeremy, it was a pleasure to come over, and I’ll be coming back again.
JR: Thank’s for being here, and for the record Martin’s session was awesome!
MW: Thank you for saything that – I’ll give you the money later- and Jeremy we’d love to get you down to Australia and New Zealand sometime
JR: Alright, sounds good! Thank you.
Martin will be joined be expert sourcers and content marketers Mark Tortorici, Derek Zeller and Matt Charney at  ATC Events’ sourcing conference – Sourcing.Social.Talent #SST2014 in November. Register now for the event in SydneyMelbourne or Auckland .

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