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Stu Holmes

Founder, The Green Collar

Overcoming The Mistake Of A Lifetime – why TA teams can champion forgiveness and fairness

TA has been a champion for inclusivity and breaking down barriers to employment that have historically been hard to remove. But we’ve not removed all the barriers…. yet.
People with a criminal record or who have been incarcerated face extreme challenges when it comes to finding employment, even for minor crimes committed decades ago.

Former Recruitment Director, Stuart Holmes runs The Green Collar Program, helping marginalised people find purpose, support and employment. Stuart’s own experience and motivational story shows why talent teams can untap a new candidate pool, if they are willing to forgive.

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About Stu

Stu, was a co-founding Director of award winning recruitment agency, SMAART Recruitment. Through poor decisions and challenging life circumstances he commenced a downward spiral following a family break up, ending in a nine month jail sentence some four years ago. He blames no-one, but his own inability to deal with life. He has turned things around and is now the Founder of The Green Collar – leading a program and volunteering innovation through WISE Employment, committed to de-stigmatising and assisting ex-offenders get back on their feet AND employed. His lived experience and over 20 years of recruitment experience is journey of highs, lows, regrets, perseverance, support and growth.

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