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Simone O’Brien

Inspirational Speaker & Domestic Violence Survivor, Stop Domestic Violence Together

Simone was born in a little country town in Dimboola, Victoria on the 7th of July 1975. Simone attended Dimboola pre-school in 1980, Primary school in 1981 to1987, then completed at Dimboola Memorial Secondary College in 1993.

Major Achievements – At 15 years old Simone went to America for tennis as apart of an Australia squad whom went and played in various parts of the USA. Simone also competed in many different levels of sport in tennis, cross country, netball and basketball events for Victoria as sport was something she really enjoyed and excelled at.

Work History – On finishing Secondary College, Simone gained employment in a retail traineeship in a health food shop in Horsham, Victoria. This was something Simone enjoyed as her fitness has always been important to her.

After relocating with her husband Trevor and daughter Gabrielle to Brisbane, they went onto having another daughter Ashlyn and son Zac. Simone then gained full-time employment at Transport and Main Roads as an Executive Assistant to the Chief Procurement Officer.

Overview – Simone’s dedication and caring personality has seen her complete many challenges. Simone is a very generous lady, who has always put her family first but on the night of 25th September 2012 Simone was dealt a very cruel act, as she was beaten with a base ball bat, in which survival from this incident was not looking bright. To somehow get through this and try and make the best recovery possible, “that was a real unknown to all the doctors as to how far she could even come” Simone for the first time in her life had to put herself as number one priority as she needed every little bit of strength she could muster to be able to get through, hour by hour as this was a real fight nobody knew if she could even survive let alone win.

Where Simone is today, is a real credit to her strength, dedication, commitment, positiveness and let’s not forget for one second how much hard work was involved to get to where she is today. Cause without all of these factors, Simone definitely would not have recovered and look as fantastic as she does today.