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Rob Papworth

Recruitment Manager, Hexagon PPM

Measures & Metrics: A Front Line Perspective

Rob has an amazing insight to people and organisations and uses metrics in a smart way so all stakeholders befit. In this session he shares his insights and learnings on performance metrics through the lens of a recruitment manager, a Talent manager, and finally as a recruiter.

As someone who has spent a career in the front-line leading recruitment and Talent Management functions, Rob in his pragmatic way, challenges some of the traditional time, cost and quality metrics to steer us away from ‘metric myopia’ to reflect on what is truly important.

Join this session and watch him deliver a new and colourful discourse whilst throwing a few personal insights on current trends along the way.

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About Rob

Rob Papworth’s career has spanned Agency, RPO and Internal Recruitment and Talent Management. His career has worked for organisations in the Information Technology, Telecommunications, Government, Engineering Software, Retail and Mining sectors. In terms of geography he has travelled  extensively and recruited positions in Australia, New Zealand, Central Africa, South America and South East Asia.  He is an experienced specialist in the leadership and improvement of talent acquisition and management functions across multiple geographies in complex business environments.  Rob also has a strong passion for corporate social responsibility and over the years has volunteered his time on the Monash University Resource Engineering Advisory Board , the Minerals Council of Australia Workforce Committee, and finally the RSPCA.  He is passionate about diversity and recently stated to us that ‘diversity begins at home’.  As a result he has stepped out of his global role and full time work to support his wife with her developing leadership career and also be the primary carer for his children, aged 11, 7 and 3.  He is presently on a contract assignment supporting the Hexagon APAC team with their business growth in APAC.  Outside of work, home and kids, Rob is a trail runner and finds any excuse to put the trail shoes on to go for a run in his local bush area in Nillumbik Shire.