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Reanna Browne

Founder, Work Futures

Turning Talent Leaders into Work Futurists

Talent Leaders are uniquely positioned to lead Future of Work thinking in your Organisation because unlike HR, you are connected to both the internal and external market.

But first we must learn how to “lift our gaze” from the busy day to day. Reanna will help you understand the methodologies to anticipate and shape the many possible futures that may lay in front of us and:

  • build your futures thinking capability
  • design concrete and practical pathways to action
  • mock a process you can follow and replicate

This is your unique opportunity to expand your Career in an exciting new direction and add real strategic value to your Organisation.

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About Reanna

Reanna is an academically trained and practicing futurist, industry fellow, organisational designer, strategic workforce planner, start-up co-founder, keynote speaker and creative practitioner.

She is the founder of Work Futures – a global strategic foresight consultancy that helps organisations and workers ‘unlearn the future’, build foresight capability and get practical around the future in the present.

She works across a range of sectors including the futures of; work, tech, sport, engineering, banking, defence, water, law, insurance, policing, unions, local government, and government.

Reanna holds an MA in Strategic Foresight from Swinburne University, a post-graduate qualification in Futures from the University of the Sunshine Coast, a BA in Business (HRM) and is a graduate of the Finland Futures Academy and the Shillington School of Graphic Design.

Reanna has also been recognised as one of the ‘World’s Top Female Futurists’ by fellow practitioners.

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