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Paul Martin

Onsite Talent Acquisition Manager, Hudson RPO

Paul is on a mission to promote creative thinking across all aspects of Contingent Workforce Management (CWM), Managed Service Programs (MSP) and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

Paul has 14 years experience, most of which dedicated to the Melbourne Contracting market. In 2010 Paul secured a position onsite at Telstra focused on Centralising over 5,500 Contractors and Temps into a single MSP solution under Telstra Careers, the success of which was significant supplier consolidation, single visibility of contingent workforce, contactor pay rates aligned to Work Model, effective spans & layers, greater controls, improved re-use, reduced reliance on contingent labour, and significant cost reduction / avoidance.

Paul then worked alongside Telstra Procurement on the Statement of Work (SOW) review to drive efficiencies through correct use of labour categories, and gain significant savings through a SOW to Contractor rebalancing initiative.

Paul joined Hudson in March 2014 to manage the EnergyAustralia RPO/MSP onsite solution, where he’s used his experience to centralise Contract and Temp labour into a Contingent Management Office (CMO) supported solution in partnership with CXC, and implemented direct-to-market sourcing for contingent labour through the EnergyAustralia careers centre to reduce agency reliance.