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Lauren Anderson

Talent Strategy Advisor, Indeed

The ‘Work Family’ Myth: Ushering in Authentic Workplace Connections

In this session, Indeed’s Talent Strategy Advisor, Lauren Anderson, exposes the hidden pitfalls of the ‘work family’ illusion, highlighting how such labelling is directly impacting your recruitment and retention efforts. Lauren will also share why organisations should shift their focus towards cultivating authentic and meaningful connections instead, and provide empowering strategies that will turn your workplace into a thriving hub of authentic interactions, resulting in a brighter and more connected workplace for all.

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About Lauren

As Indeed Australia’s Talent Strategy Advisor, Lauren works with businesses to innovate traditional recruitment processes, get creative with employer branding and prioritise diversity and equity in the workplace. Motivated by achieving results, you’ll find Lauren at industry-leading events, round tables, webinars and client strategy sessions presenting the latest thought-leadership topics.

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