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Laura White

Global Head of Talent, PaperCut Software


Activation – Elevated Experiences

Led by Award Winning TA Leader Laura White, the TA Team at PaperCut will host a 2-day activation at ATC2022 inside Luna Park’s Crystal Palace 🏰

You’ll walk up to their stand and chat to the team and see first-hand things like their candidate journey map, how they leverage their fully integrated tech stack, interviewer training material, examples of candidate communication, feedback forms, information and briefing packs, how we support diverse candidates, and key moments in our onboarding.

You’ll learn about:

  • Reducing bias and subjectivity in the selection process
  • Building candidate confidence through your tech stack
  • Candidate advocacy and support
  • The candidate and employee experience link
  • Pre-offer moments that matter
  • How to elevate your onboarding

It’s a great chance to take as peak at some phenomenal resources and processes and see just what you are competing with.

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About Laura

Named 2022 ITA’s Corporate Talent Leader of the Year, Laura is a Human Resources and Talent Acquisition professional who is passionate about amazing people, candidate experiences and sharing best practices and learnings with other Talent professionals. Laura is currently the Global Head of Talent for PaperCut Software, an Aussie success story, owned and operated by our two co-founders who have a strong vision to create a 100-year company that has a purpose of crafting better environments.

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