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Recruitment Revolution

EPAM, Monash Talent, & Future of Talent Institute

Recruitment Revolution: Teaming up with Generative AI Co-Workers

Olga Barrett, Head of Talent Acquisition East Asia Pacific, EPAM Systems
Pavel Gimelberg, Managing Principal, Technology Consulting, EPAM Systems
Paul Martin, Director, Monash Talent
Kevin Wheeler, Founder, The Future of Talent Institute

12 months ago, most people had not heard of Generative AI and now most people have explored it in some way. In this session, we have three groups of speakers that will share specific insights on Generative AI.

  • Kevin Wheeler: What is Generative Ai, where is it headed, the Upside and the Downside
  • Paul Martin: Learn the art of optimising interactions with generative AI, and envision the potential of these virtual allies in redefining your recruitment outcomes.
  • Olga Barrett & Pavel Gimelberg: Taking Generative AI to a whole new level, EPAM’s APAC TA Team led a R&D project to develop an inhouse Generative AI solution that sits on top of their primary Sourcing tool. This innovative project aims to streamline candidate sourcing and outreach and preliminary results are showing that it boosts Recruiter and Sourcer productivity by up to 35%.  Olga and Pavel will guide you through the journey from Idea to Proof of Concept (POC) and our Global Rollout.

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About Olga

Olga boasts 25 years of experience in Talent Acquisition and People & Culture roles across EMEA, North America, and APAC. Her areas of expertise encompass recruitment organizational architecture, talent sourcing, talent technology, talent operations, team building, client relationship management, and recruitment analytics. Currently, Olga works at EPAM Systems, a digital consultancy that provides software engineering and digital platform engineering services. She holds the position of Head of Talent Acquisition, Senior Manager for Asia East Pacific. In this role, Olga is responsible for creating and implementing TA strategies aimed at attracting and retaining the finest technical talent across Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and China in the APAC region.

About Paul

Paul (he/him) has global experience developing strategies for some of the world’s largest Talent programs. He is a Talent engagement and mobility leader, passionate about creating memorable experiences, and leveraging technology to hire great people.

About Kevin

Founder of the Future of Talent Institute, Co-Founder of ATC Events & Media, Speaker, Writer, Strategic Advisor, Former Global HR Leader and University Lecturer.

Kevin is one of the most prolific voices globally on Talent Acquisition helping today’s Leaders anticipate and navigate the numerous trends that will shape the Future of Work.

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