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Kanella Salapatas & Adam McKinnon

QBE, & Reece Group

Don’t Take a Seat at the Table Without Data

By Kanella Salapatas, Group Head of People Data & Analytics, QBE and Adam McKinnon, People Data & Analytics Leader, Reece Group

Organisations are looking to perform or grow in their market amidst changing economic conditions. Increasingly, Talent Functions are being called up to provide more data-driven advice but are still nascent in the management of data.

HR have largely outsourced data literacy to other stakeholders (I.T. functions, tech vendors, and consultants) and TA have mostly been external market focussed. This presentation will focus on:

  • What is relevant data to support optimal talent decisions;
  • The use of both Internal People and External Market Data;
  • Practical examples of data-driven decision, at both an operation and strategic level;
  • What does a future-fit People Data ecosystem look like; and
  • Future trends in data, analytics and AI that People and Talent Teams need to know.

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About Kanella

Kanella currently holds the position of Global Head of People Data & Analytics at QBE Insurance. Kanella has successfully led global teams in providing valuable insights through data, establishing global reporting solutions, championing the exploration and embedment of advanced analytics techniques whilst ensuring the prioritisation and continued focus on the importance of data governance and management. Kanella responsibilities include directing QBE’s strategy for Continuous Listening by leveraging new technology to create and deliver Employee Voice as well as being accountable for implementing a global approach for Financial Planning and Strategic Workforce Planning within the organisation.

About Adam

Adam is currently the people data and analytics leader at Reece Group. Prior to returning to Australia in 2020 he worked internationally for thirteen years delivering advanced people analytics and HR Innovation projects for a variety of organisations. Drawing upon a multi-disciplinary background in Psychology, IT, Epidemiology and Finance, Adam is an advocate of asking two questions in his work: 1. So What? and 2. Now What?

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