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Elly Johnson

Founder & Managing Director, TruthAbility

The Power of Perceptive Interviewing®: Truth, Lies and Authentic Information

In our search for top Talent, it can be exciting to discover that ”unicorn” you’ve been tasked with hiring. However, we know one thing for sure and that is…everyone lies. We lie to ourselves, to each other, actively or passively, more often than we realise. We’re surrounded by deception from the moment we wake up and check our Instagram feed, to pouring a glass of red and switching on the evening news. For recruiters and hiring managers, making a bad hire based on misleading or false information can be anything from a time waster, to embarrassing to catastrophic.

Elly Johnson brings you over 20 years of insight, from being a boots-on-the ground Cop, consulting to national security agencies and most recently helping leading organisations to reduce hiring risks.

In this illuminating session, we’ll be exploring:

  • TRUTH and DECEPTION in human behaviour
  • How to uncover critical information and spot signs of deception early
  • Understanding what motivates people toward truth or deception
  • Myths and tips about spotting lies and how to apply them
  • How to influence for greater transparency in interviews and communication

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Elly Johnson helps people develop skills and awareness to become more perceptive in human interactions. She works with clients to establish a better approach to interviewing in order to uncover more than just surface level information.

Elly specialises in enhancing the interviewing and communication process by teaching behavioural tools and building awareness that enables people to attract more truth and differentiate lies from truth in high stake contexts.

With experience in law enforcement, sales, senior management, recruitment and business, Elly’s passion for the topics of truth, lies, interviewing and authenticity shines through. She shares stories and case studies that illustrate how a greater focus on the importance of truth can strengthen relationships, reduce risk and improve outcomes.

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