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Daniel Stockdale

Talent Acquisition Director, ANZ, Dentsu

Inclusive Futures: AI’s Impact on Recruitment

Dentsu’s hiring process used to be very traditional, and as a result, they experienced the same kind of talent shortages and attrition issues as many others. When they redesigned and disrupted that process, the results changed. Dentsu uncovered candidates they never would have considered, yet they turned out to be their best-quality hires. New hires had a better understanding of the role and turnover reduced. Daniel will break down for you what their modern-day hiring process looks like and why.

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About Daniel

Daniel Stockdale is a recruitment and communications industry leader with over two decades of experience, currently employed as Talent Acquisition Director, ANZ, at dentsu. With extensive  experience in recruitment management, strategic planning, EVP development, and technology implementation, Daniel has successfully led teams overseeing talent acquisition across Australia and New Zealand and received accolades including HRO Today APAC Recruitment Team of the Year and Australian HR Institute’s Talent Management Award.

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