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Brie Mason

Founder & Director, Employer Brand Mason

DAY 1 2:45pm
Employer Brand Management is More Important Than Ever During This Pandemic

People’s tensions and emotions are high and everyone is carefully watching what organisations are doing with their most important assets – their people. Business actions will be long remembered and disgruntled employees will be very, very vocal.

What can you do to help define (or redefine) your employer brand during this time?

In this session, Brie Mason will share impactful ideas for what your Talent Acquisition team could be doing to help build and promote your organisation as an employer – DIY, inhouse and on a shoestring!

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About Brie

Brie is an employer brand thought leader and pioneer in the Australian market, with over 15 years’ experience dedicated to building multi-award winning employer brands in the APAC region. Working within creative agencies, RPO’s and leading inhouse global employment brand teams, she has successfully translated marketing and communications concepts to the world of HR to attract, recruit and retain talent. Today, Brie is the Founder & Director of Employer Brand Mason, an advisory and consultancy practice, partnering with organisations of all sizes on their employer branding journeys.

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