Influencers to follow to beat that “languishing” lockdown feeling

A couple of weeks ago, our resident TWIT editor Jody Smith introduced us to the concept of “languishing” in her weekly column.

“It’s a new(ish) term that has been created by psychologists recently to describe the feelings that a lot of people have been feeling since the world went into lockdown in March last year. It’s the weird limbo between “flourishing” and “depression”. Like … you don’t feel AWFUL, but you can’t find the energy to do simple tasks because … what’s the point? You’re trying your best just to make it through. Languishing.”

Sound familiar? I think it’s pretty safe to say that it’s a feeling that’s hit us all to varying degrees at some point over the last 18 months, and with Melbournians and Sydneysiders harangued by constant lockdowns (and the rest of the country living in a constant state of anxiety that they may go into a snap lockdown at any moment) it can be a difficult feeling to shake.

We all know that exercise, a bit of regular TLC and introspection, and healthy (and happy!) eating are all tools to combat the feeling of languishing, but when it comes to boosting our professional morale it isn’t that simple – it’s hard to feel like you’re smashing it professionally when you’re working from your living room in your Ugg Boots trying while yelling at your kids in the other room to keep them focussed on their Zoom maths lesson.

So, to give you some bite-sized chunks to help combat the feeling of languishing, we’ve pulled together a list of some of our favourite influencers (some TA-focussed, some not) who’ll boost you with a daily dose of professional zing and put a spring back into your (Ugg boot-footed) step for the day.  

Jody Smith, This Week In Talent

Of course we’re going to start with our very own wonderful Jody Smith. Every week, Jody scours the internet (yes, ALL of it) for the best stories in talent and whittles it down into an easy to access list that will take you just as much time to read as it will to drink your morning coffee. She also peppers her talent stories with loads of good news stories to give you back a bit of pep in your week, and shares some pretty brilliant TikTok videos. Oh, and she’s funny to boot. If you don’t already get her weekly columns in your inbox, sign up here.  

Craig Watson and Lauren Sharp, TAPod

Here’s some goodness for your ears. Craig Watson and Lauren Sharp understand that ‘Talent’ is serious, so they talk to serious people. But they also understand that it’s important to blend it with some good story-telling, plenty of humour and a hint of self-deprecation. Some of their recent episodes have looked at “The Great Resignation,” the role of hiring managers in candidate short markets, the dreaded counter offer, and recruitment horror stories. New eps drop every Monday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

The Happy Broadcast

Spreading joy via a podcast, newsletter, and Instagram account, The Happy Broadcast is here to bring nothing but joy into your day-to-day. This is your daily anxiety-free update about the world to keep you informed about the world while giving you a dose of happiness. Even before you read the news, their bright and colourful posts will give you a serious case of the feel-goods. Some of their recent happiness updates have included good news about reduced poaching rates of Rhinos in Africa, new carbon capture facilities in Scotland, and a network of “bee bus stops.” Check it out and start feeling good!

People of Influence

Michelle Rushton and Shaun Kenny of People of Influence are here to energise and equip leaders and aspiring leaders who want to have a greater impact on the world and in their workplaces. Their weekly videos look at topics like improving personal presence, personal brand, influence and charism, increasing resilience & grit, motivating people, having impactful conversations presentation skills, and so much more. Head on over to their YouTube channel to subscribe to their videos.

Have you got any people or news sources that are helping you beat that languishing feeling right now that we should add to our list? Tell us in the comments below.

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