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Warwick Absolon

Innovation & Technology Manager - ANZ, AECOM

Prior to starting in his current role with AECOM, Warwick spent over six years in PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Tax and Legal Team. A change in career direction saw Warwick drop the use of Excel spreadsheets to specialise in assisting people to innovate on purpose. However, Warwick was able to use the knowledge gained from working with some of the biggest and most respected companies in Australia to gather information on how small and large companies try to bring innovation to life. Since 2009, this large database of knowledge has been further refined and adapted to reflect AECOM’s diversified business.

Although Warwick has a degree in Economics with a concentration on financial microeconomics, he is acutely aware of the people benefits when we are allowed to innovate and think differently. This awareness, along with the financial benefits to companies that do innovate, has enabled Warwick to provide an input into AECOM’s Executive Committee when setting the strategy of the company in Australia and New Zealand.

Prior to starting work at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Warwick spent more than seven years working in a maximum security prison in Brisbane. Although not the best of environments for being able to think differently, Warwick has been able to use this experience to highlight the outcomes when people have too much structure.

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