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Siddharth Shirodkar

Sir Roland Wilson Scholar, PhD Candidate, The Australian National University

Minimising Biases without Dehumanising the Screening Process in Recruitment

A recent study of over 11,000 people found three in four people had implicit biases towards Indigenous Australians. Siddharth, who is the Researcher behind this study at ANU shares more with Jane Bianchini in this panel interview. Siddharth is leading the way with an Australian – first research paper in implicit biases. He unpacks his findings and reveals the top occupations with the highest level of biases.

The interview is followed by taking a look at some practical ways you can use technology to minimise biases without dehumanising the screening process.

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About Siddharth

After over a decade working as an economist in the Australian Public Service, Siddharth commenced as a PhD candidate at the Australian National University thanks to a very generous scholarship from the Sir Roland Wilson Foundation and the support of my employer, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

He is undertaking a PhD in Indigenous studies, identifying the economic and non-economic barriers that society places on Indigenous Australians from finding pathways into entrepreneurship, formal business ownership and family wealth creation.

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