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Sarah Purches

Talent Strategy & Experience Manager, RMIT Online

DAY 1 11:55am
Small yet Mighty Talent Teams

In this session, Sarah will share her tips and tricks for small in-house Talent teams and how you can work smarter, not harder. She will cover how to leverage internal resources, partnerships and community as well as using enablement technology that is low cost or free and automation.

Session outline:

  • What is Talent Acquisition? Advisory, Recruitment, Planning & Strategy, Process, Compliance, Employer Branding, Outsources, Tools & Tech, Metrics & Analytics
  • Finding your crew – Tiny team? No problems! Leverage internal resources and teams, create internal advocates, partnerships and community
  • Work smarter, not harder – enablement technology and automation
  • Upskill and educate yourself – creativity for results (use design thinking, learn visual design)

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About Sarah:

Sarah currently leads Talent Acquisition at RMIT Online and she is excited by people, culture, talent acquisition, employer brand, engagement, great relationships and ongoing learning… but sprinkle that with collaboration, cool tech and disruptive innovation! Using a human centred design approach, she is a decisive, creative influencer who is forward-thinking and ambitious. A self-proclaimed Talent Ninja, Sarah understands the importance of employer brand, culture, diversity and creating an inclusive and collaborative environment where people feel valued and have a strong sense of belonging. She is also passionate about building a strong employer brand that truly reflects the values and ethos of an employer whilst encouraging advocacy and attracting great talent for the long haul.

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