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Sarah Halaseh-Russo

People Experience , Officeworks


Clint Williams
, Talent Leader at Lion and Sarah Halaseh-Russo, People Experience at Officeworks with Brie Mason of Employer Brand Mason

TA: EVP Architects or Real Estate Agents?

The workforce has faced an existential crisis and has had two years to stop and think about what is truly important. The clash of employee experience versus changing expectations means that creating an EVP that is credible, exciting and relatively constant has become a challenge. TA’s role of EVP Architect has become flawed. In this buyer’s market, we aren’t in a position to simply renovate the kitchen or add a pool if it’s found that’s what the buyers now want. Brie, Clint and Sarah will discuss the need to gain alignment on a change in EVP mindset and approach, and a redefinition of roles and responsibilities.

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About Sarah

Sarah is an experienced HR Leader who has worked with some of Australia’s largest retailers in enterprise-wide people transformation. Having worked across large-scale organisational design, HR technology implementations and operating model changes, Sarah is no stranger to the challenges that arise from change. Currently part of the People Experience Team at Officeworks, Sarah has partnered with Talent Acquisition, Corporate Affairs, and team members across the business to redefine and evolve a meaningful employee value proposition to attract and retain exceptional talent.