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Quila Cervelli

Employer Branding Manager, RMIT University

Showing your Cards

The famous saying is: if it smells like it, looks like it and feels like it – it probably IS “it”. With an average of 8-10 touchpoints with an organisation prior to applying, candidates are prepared to sift through content with their lie detectors on. This has caused a major shift in how EVP’s demonstrate honest depictions of what it really means to work for an employer.

In this session, we will showcase:

  • Real examples of Australia & New Zealand brands (large and small) that are nailing their EVP: ditching their poker face and showing their cards to future Talent;
  • How these brands convinced marketing and comms that it is ok to talk about the good, bad AND the ugly in your EVP;
  • The power of referral programs, review sites and employee advocacy programs;
  • The long term effects of honest EVPs with respect to organisational development opportunities and retention rates.

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About Quila:

I’m a New York City – native, living in Melbourne. In a previous life, I was a top performer on sales teams – but experience and ambition lead to me community management and digital marketing. My fascination of talking to the right people at the right time in the right places has lead me down the road of pioneering Employer Branding in Australia for organisations like Australia Post and now, RMIT University.

As a return-to-work mother of a now 18 month old daughter, my investigative nature has me interested in how all people balance their passions- whether it’s at home or work. I’m intrigued by what motivates people to get out of bed every morning!

My proudest Employer Branding achievement is being the chief architect of the “Our Women in Transport” EVP campaign which increased female applicants by 50 percent in a male dominated industry, truck driving. My team were runner ups in the 2018 AHRI Talent Management Awards.

As winners of the 2019 APAC CandE Awards, my goal is to lead my team of 5 at RMIT to enter and win the 2020 CandE (Candidate Experience) Awards. We’ll be up against the best, but I have the best team around me to give it a shot!

I most look forward to co-developing the RMIT EVP research, diversity and inclusion campaigns, and return to work and on-boarding programs to make us the employee of choice globally for academia and professionals.

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