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Nadine O’Regan

General Manager, TQSolutions

Unlike many speakers in the Talent space, Nadine operates at the coal face, consulting to Talent leaders across almost all verticals. She leads the largest of the TQ service lines and has a team of over 70 experts working for her.

As a trusted thought leader in the Australian market, Nadine has led or co-led TA transformations and implemented solutions for some of the country’s biggest and most exciting businesses (and even many of the smaller success stories).

She is well known for her no-nonsense and unapologetically honest consulting approach and, having been a Head of TA herself, understands that many TA leaders need simple strategies to address the burning platform – hiring the right people to meet the needs of the business at pace.

She shares practical ideas, blended with the latest thinking and case studies from a huge variety of clients to challenge your thinking and optimise outcomes.