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Linda Jonas

Small Improvements, Director of Marketing

Small Improvements is an online performance review system making the process of giving 360 degree feedback easy, and reminding employees of why they took the job in the first place. Retaining top talent requires ongoing feedback, open communication and a clear overview of development progress. Small Improvements is a lean and agile performance management system that supports just that. It simplifies 360 degree, continuous peer feedback as well as goal and objectives-tracking, turning a traditional performance review into a quick check-in.

Visit Small Improvements in the Innovation Lab to see how you can start celebrating the big and small wins, break silos and encourage open communication in your organisation. Small Improvements supports best places to work and cultures of highly engaged employees including RedBalloon, Atlassian and Quiksilver.

Linda is passionate about people, work places and all things social. As the Director of Marketing at Small Improvements, she is in charge of global campaigns, partner programs as well as customer success. For the past three years she has been working with some of the most innovative HR leaders and is keen on helping companies make performance management meaningful. Apart from enjoying work at a start-up, Linda also loves traveling and photography.