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Kiwa Stevenson

CTO, Pontoon Platform

Hailing from the lush valleys in the Byron Bay hinterland, Kiwa’s experience has spanned from global aid work to senior IT services leadership positions.  Over the last decade Kiwa has been building teams of talent and transforming services capabilities in traditional IT vendors such as Dell and Hitachi Data Systems.

“I have spent the last decade as an agent of change, transforming organisational capability and building teams of talent.  I have also directly experienced the challenge of getting the right talent into the business to achieve the organisation’s goals.  Accessing the right talent is the key between executing to success or mediocrity.

My experience is, the best talent is contingent. Through digitisation the world of labour is changing and I am wholeheartedly convinced the future of highly skilled work is contingent.

The best talent are people who choose when, how and for who they work.  Their experience is built across multiple sectors and industries rather than a single environment for years and years. This fine tunes their skills; honing troubleshooting capability, the ability to operate under pressure and continuously execute to the highest standards.”