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Josh Secrest

VP Marketing and Client Advocacy, Paradox


A Billion Dollar Opportunity: How McDonald’s Automated Recruiting to Fix Understaffing and Create Experiences Candidates Love

Imagine automating 90 percent of your hiring process – how many hours per week would your team get back?

Imagine candidates being able to apply, get qualified and interview scheduled in two minutes using text messages – how many more candidates would you have?

Imagine filling roles a couple days after they open- how much more profitable would your business be?

Hear from Joshua Secrest, McDonald’s former Head of Global Talent Acquisition & Talent Strategy (and current VP of Marketing & Client Advocacy at Paradox) on how McDonald’s transformed their hiring to make a multi-billion understaffing challenge into a strategic competitive advantage.

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About Josh

Joshua Secrest is Vice President of Marketing and Client Advocacy at Paradox where he focuses on supporting retail, restaurant, hospitality, healthcare and service industries transform how they hire. Prior to joining Paradox, he led global talent and talent acquisition teams for some of the world’s largest and most recognisable brands.

During his time at McDonald’s Corporation, Joshua was head of global talent strategy and global talent acquisition where he helped build and launch McHire, the hiring solution enabled by Paradox in over 13,000 restaurants, as well as the world’s first voice initiated application in partnership with Paradox, Google and Amazon. Joshua also spent over 13 years at Abercrombie & Fitch Co. where he led various HR functions including global talent acquisition, philanthropy and home office development. Joshua and his wife, Morgan, live in Chicago’s West Loop

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