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Josh Farr

2x TEDx Speaker, Founder, Campus Consultancy

Is this your Career or your Calling?

For centuries, people who felt a calling to be of service to others usually ended up in a narrow group of vocations – charity work, medicine, teaching, etc.

Now we see people of all careers and backgrounds from fitness to IT looking for meaning in their work and life – to have a career that also provides them with a sense of purpose.

As Recruiters, we are gatekeepers and enablers of people’s career and purpose opportunities but we are also looking for greater meaning ourselves. In this session, Josh Farr, will present a framework for how you can apply the SERVICE Leadership model, helping you to tap into your inner-purpose and create an ongoing cycle of doing good, doing well and doing the proudest work of your life.

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About Josh:

Josh Farr graduated with 1st Class Honors in Civil Engineering, as the President of the Civil & Environmental Engineering Society & took a graduate role at one of the most prestigious engineering companies in Australia. The only problem was, he was totally unfulfilled. He took a leap of faith & spent the follow 2-years traveling to 39 countries before finally asking himself, “What can I do to serve others?”

Josh returned to Australia to work in education & non-profits with Teach For Australia & TEDxMelbourne before discovering the power of social entrepreneurship. In 2017, Josh founded Campus Consultancy & has since served more than 4000 young leaders from 26-universities, non-profits, corporate & government employers. through his workshops on leadership, entrepreneurship & emotional intelligence.

As a result, he’s delivered a TEDx talk for TEDxUniMelb on educational equality & a TEDx talk for TEDxMonashUniversity on his learnings of servant leadership. Josh lectures at the University of Melbourne ‘Social Enterprise Incubator’ Master Degree course & is an Entrepreneur In Residence at #StartWest supporting early-stage entrepreneurs & social-innovators in Melbourne. He continues his volunteer work as a Business Advisory Board Member & World Cup Judge for Enactus and a Captain for the Anthony Robbins Global Youth Leadership Summit.

To learn more about Josh, connect with him on LinkedIn, or visit his website,

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