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Fiona Michel

Bank of New Zealand, Head of Culture & Capability

Fiona has worked in the Technology, Banking and Insurance sectors for two decades, leading and coaching businesses in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and Asia to design and deliver strategies and cultures that create differentiated competitive advantage.  She believes passionately that winning through people is one of the ‘final frontiers’ of business.

Fiona is an alumni of Harvard Business School.  She has recently made a sea-change from her Executive career by returning to New Zealand after nearly four years in Australia, to complete her MBA at the University of Auckland.  Fiona includes in her career highlights, winning the  Human Synergistics Culture Transformation Award at IAG in New Zealand in 2010 and winning the Australian Human Resources Institute’s Dave Ulrich HR Leader Award in 2013.

Fiona is a Non-Executive Director of the Strata Community of Australia National Board. Her style is straight up, down to earth and intelligently disobedient.