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Edward Jackson

GVP Product Strategy & Delivery, SMB Solutions Group, SAP

Edward “EJ” Jackson brings over 20 years of executive management, technology and entrepreneurship experience to Provade. Prior to founding Provade in 2004, EJ served as a Director for Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Product Strategy for PeopleSoft. EJ joined the PeopleSoft SRM team when SkillsVillage, a company EJ was the CTO and co-founder of, was acquired by PeopleSoft in 2001. SkillsVillage was one of the first VMS software companies. Prior to SkillsVillage, EJ served in a variety of capacities of IT and management consulting to Deloitte & Touche, Anderson Consulting (now Accenture), DOE, Baxter Healthcare and Perot Systems.