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Barb Hyman

CEO, PredictiveHire

DAY 1 3:05pm
Welcome to the New Golden Triangle for Recruitment – Automation, Trust and Smarts

COVID-19 has forced a lot of us to become remote workers by default, but more and more companies are now declaring it is likely to become their new norm.

This structural change will accelerate the move to automation and change the game for HOW we make both internal and external hiring decisions, and WHAT kind of traits become more important in this new world.

With more remote workers, TRUST is also fast becoming a critical “organisational trait”, when the absence of trust was, until now, seen as the main barrier to supporting remote work. Barb explores what this new golden triangle for recruitment means for the TA leaders on the ground.

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About Barb

Barb started her career as a solicitor. She quickly realised her skills and personality were better suited to business. Barb gained 10 years experience at the Boston Consulting Group and has since held leadership roles in a range of sectors, including the arts, professional services and tech. Most recently she was on the Executive team at the largest digital company in Australia – the REA Group. Now she’s bringing her energy and insight to PredictiveHire, where she is excited by the opportunity to reinvent how organisations and leaders, make the most important decisions in business – who to hire and who to promote.

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