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Steve Pell

CEO & Founder, Intrascope Analytics

Steve Pell is an expert in using advanced analytics to identify how an organisation is really behaving, right now. He is an experienced speaker and facilitator with a natural ability to translate the latest research into actionable advice and strategies for people leaders.

Steve founded Intrascope Analytics in 2012 which has since become known as a leader in workplace behavioural analytics.

Intrascope offers solutions designed to help leaders identify and solve people problems by using data to connect workforce behaviour to performance outcomes.

Its proprietary SPACE software uses communications data (including email and phone records) to map interactions across an organisation in real time. This drives powerful insights in organisational design and change programs, by quantifying current behaviour.

Some of the high ROI insights that Intrascope can uncover using data include:

  • What are the secret patterns of behaviour that differentiate high performers?
  • Who is really influential in the function of the company?
  • Which managers act as invisible bottlenecks, blocking communication and productivity?