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Sarah Liu

Founder & Managing Director, The Dream Collective


Critique My Job Ad

Great Job ads – they pull, the push, they tell a compelling story, an honest story, they create a vision in the reader’s mind of what you can expect life to be like there.

For those of you brave enough to have submitted your job ad, our panel break it down and critique it and provides suggestions for improvement.

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About Sarah

Sarah Liu, Founder and Managing Director of The Dream Collective, is an international thought leader, speaker, trainer and facilitator on next-generation leadership, diversity and inclusion and the future of work. Sarah is invited to train leaders around the world across private and public sectors on leadership transformation and is an appointed regional partner for Google, lead trainer for National Women in Construction, Engineering, Media and Technology across AUNZ. Whilst she manages a diverse portfolio of career and businesses, there is only one common thread across them all and that is to see more women in leadership and to transform the way we work.