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Sarah Calverley

Talent Sourcing Manager - Asia, Microsoft


Expand your mindset, expand your talent pool

Whilst Australia’s physical borders are closed leaving an already tight labour market further strained, the virtual boarders are wide open. There is an abundance of quality talent out there in international markets if you know where to look and you’re willing to hire and manage a remote workforce. Sarah will walk you through:

  • What is the impact of the border closures and unmet needs that have surfaced;
  • Assessing the skills (not roles) that are most suited to remote workers;
  • Identifying which markets have an abundance of those people and skills;
  • Developing a Sourcing Strategy and Project Plan to begin your search – some examples of what works where; and
  • How hiring remotely can solve talent scarcity but also drive a culture of Inclusive Hiring within companies.

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About Sarah

Sarah has been with Microsoft for 3 years, where she leads ateam across Asia focusing on proactively engaging communities of talent, market intel and people analytics, and investment hiring. She is a passionate advocate for D&I, and before joining Microsoft she was involved in executive level headhunting and recruiting for Macquarie Bank, Consultancy, Optus and leading the careers team at ING Bank in Australia.

With an intimate understanding of what it takes as a woman to forge a career in a male dominated industry, Sarah is focussed coaching women and underrepresented communities on career development and making successful career moves.