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Reanna Browne

Founder + Work Futurist, Work Futures


Think like a Futurist in an Uncertain Present

When it comes to the ‘future of work’ it doesn’t unfold chronologically. Like William Gibson suggests, the future is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed! There are pockets of emerging trends creating multiple possible futures of work in the present. Many of these trends are accelerating and bumping into each other, imposing change upon us as an inevitable reality.

As Talent Professionals and the inhabitants of these future worlds of work, wouldn’t it be far smarter (and more fun!) to anticipate, experiment, adapt and lead these changes? You can read someone else’s predictions but…so what? Now what? What does it all mean come Monday? And why should you ‘plan’ for the future when the present is so uncertain?

Let’s get practical about the future of work by using a tested framework to help you anticipate change and act with more resilience and clarity in the present. You’ll walk away knowing:

  • The mindset and skills of a trained and practicing Work Futurist;
  • How to uncover future potential in the present;
  • How to move from grand future of work narratives to resilient talent and HR actions in the present;
  • How to ready yourself for a changing world.

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About Reanna

Reanna is an academically trained and experienced Work Futurist, with a background in strategic workforce planning and organisational design. She helps organisations to get practical about the future of work – to anticipate change, navigate uncertainty and make more resilient people and workforce decisions in the present.

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