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Georgie Duthy

Senior Customer Success Manager, APAC, Enboarder


Adapting to the New World of Work: How to master the art of virtual onboarding

COVID-19 created the world’s biggest work from home experiment, and suddenly every organization was racing to onboard new hires virtually. At Enboarder we’ve been busy helping the world’s top employers adapt to virtual onboarding and now we’re sharing everything we’ve learnt.

We’ll reveal our five major lessons:

  • The world of work has changed forever and virtual onboarding is here to stay
  • The new hire needs are the same, but your approach needs to be drastically different
  • Embrace the advantages of a new medium
  • Managers are the gatekeepers of onboarding success
  • Don’t underestimate the power of personalisation

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About Georgie

Georgie Duthy Georgie Duthy (Doo-thee) is a Senior Customer Success Manager at Enboarder, the leading Experience-Driven Onboarding platform, changing onboarding experiences for good! She is passionate about working with her clients across the Asia-Pacific region to design and build digital journeys centred around employee experience (EX) and creating the moments that matter most in the employee lifecycle. When she isn’t consulting with clients, you can find her walking by the Adelaide coast with a coffee in hand.