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Amy Schultz

Global Head of Talent Acquisition, Canva


Talent Acquisition x Creativity: How we can Elevate Experiences

What do Airbnb and Canva have in common? People thought the creative idea of renting out your room or house to strangers for short stays was the worst idea in the world and Melanie Perkins, Canva’s CEO, famously received over 100 no’s from investors on her idea to start a creative design company. Turns out creative thinking can lead to designing and delivering something that people actually do want!

With the pace of change in our world, creativity should be in our conversations, in how we approach problems, in how we visually communicate and in how we differentiate ourselves. People often believe they can’t think creatively, because they “aren’t a creative person” and Talent Acquisition isn’t always known for its creativity – in Amy’s session, she’ll bust these myths! You’ll learn skills and daily habits that enable creativity and how Canva uses creativity to create their candidate experiences, collaborate across teams and build their products.

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About Amy

Amy Schultz leads Global Talent Acquisition at Canva, a team who doubled Canva’s workforce in 2021. Her thought leadership and insightful commentary on the workplace inspire conversation and action for professionals around the world. Amy has lived in Shanghai, Singapore and San Francisco where she previously led Recruiting for LinkedIn’s Global Product Organisation, partnering directly with Ryan Roslansky, LinkedIn’s now CEO. Leading global teams has enabled Amy to better understand the cultural nuances of what we do and how talent, skills and technology should be viewed holistically. Amy has worked in Recruiting Technology, Agency, RPO and In-house teams, which has allowed her to see recruitment from all angles of our industry, demonstrating to her that Talent Acquisition requires instinct, creativity and insights to enable businesses to effectively scale with their Number 1 asset, their People.

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