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Colleen Cuthbert

, Award Winning HR Executive

A Talent expert through and through, Colleen has helped numerous global, APAC & Australian organisations realise their potential through their people for the past 20 years. During this time, she successfully designed and executed a variety of innovative talent management strategies that resulted in positive changes for these companies and received numerous awards in recognition for her work.

Colleen’s expertise in managing talent is also appreciated by the Federal government when they invited her to contribute to the workplace productivity, individual contract and disability employment agenda while she was working at Telstra. Her time at Telstra was also highlighted by her other numerous achievements, including:

  • Designed and implemented Telstra’s Employment Strategy to 14,000 staff;
  • Implemented an innovative talent retention strategy for blue collar workforce to arrest high turnover during mining boom, introducing cost savings of $2m pa and improving retention by 36% pa;
  • Designed and implemented integrated talent, leadership, performance and succession frameworks;  and
  • Conceived, developed and negotiated the business case for the Telstra Career Centre.

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