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Contingent – The New Perm

The Contingent Workforce Conference has been designed for organisations that have both a Permanent and Contingent Workforce.  The term “Contingent Workforce” refers to contract, temporary and Statement of Work type contractors that supplement the permanent workforce.

The optimum blend and utilisation of a Permanent and Contingent Workforce provides an organisation with significant competitive advantages including:

  • Cost reduction and greater value generated – measuring, managing and optimising 100% of the costs of your contingent workforce;
  • Increased productivity – being able to match the best type of skill to the business need or project;
  • Increased agility and alignment – the ability to ramp the workforce up and down in different locations as required;
  • Reduced risk – providing a framework that ensures compliance to statutory, regulatory, and health and safety requirements with a minimum of red tape and overhead;
  • Improved 360 degree experience – all stakeholders including; hiring managers, candidates, contingent workers, recruitment agents, staffing managers, procurement and finance gain efficiencies and repeatable best fit service; and
  • Continuous improvement – measuring and reporting relevant lead and lag indicators to key decision makers.

Managing the Contingent Workforce is no longer simply managing the rates and margins for preferred and non-preferred recruitment suppliers of contract and temp staff.  As the Contingent Workforce typically represents 25% and upward of the total workforce, the need for an optimised and integrated strategy to manage the Contingent Workforce is now one of the top challenges for business today.  Contingent Workforce strategy impacts not only on HR and recruitment of an organisation, it also has a significant impact on the procurement, legal and finance divisions of the organisation.

Interestingly while the advantages are obvious many organisations are facing significantly increased risks, such as co-employment, compliance to state payroll taxes and workers compensation, as well as compliance to the minimum occupational health and safety requirements.

The Contingent Workforce Conference will focus on the above issues in an interactive way.  It aims to simulate and provide the opportunity to take work challenges and workshop solutions in a realistic but safe environment. Some of the sessions that delegates have stated they will gain the most value from include:

  • What are the best Contingent Recruitment Models to meet business needs?
  • How can you decrease cost and improve the productivity of the Contingent Workforce?
  • How to avoid the legal risks of a Contingent Workforce?
  • How can a CMO (Contingent Management Organisation) help your organisation?

A World-Café provides a range of topics for discussions in small groups that delegates can interact with a view to learn from each other.  The topics that are included in this event are a good illustration of the exchanges of information at the Conference. These include:

  1. Is a Contingent Workforce less expensive & more productive than a Permanent Workforce?
  2. Is Specialist Technology better than using an ATS for Contingent?
  3. Is a blended workforce more agile than an entirely permanent one? And vice versa.
  4. Does Your Permanent EVP Work for Contingent?
  5. Can an Internal Recruitment Function Manage a CMO?
  6. Are there any standard or benchmark Contingent Workforce Metrics?
  7. Do you need a specialised sourcing function for Contingent Recruitment?
  8. Is there “only one good model” for managing a Contingent Workforce?
  9. Should a Contingent Workforce only be used for non-strategic volume roles?
  10. Will Statement of Work Contractors replace the traditional Contingent Models?

There will also be a number of workshops that will enable you to solve practical problems such as how would you:

  • Integrate Contingent into Strategic Workforce Planning;
  • Set up your Contingent Workforce Model;
  • Assess your Contingent Workforce legal risk;
  • Measure the performance of your Contingent Recruitment Model; and finally
  • Build a Business Case for your Contingent Workforce Model.

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