The Recruiters' Unconference

Talk, don’t listen. Create, don’t consume.
Innovate, don’t imitate. It’s time to be #tru.

The #tru carnival is coming to Australia for the fourth time. Over the past few years, Australia has been at the forefront of recruitment and talent management innovation and has one of the fastest growing communities of active thought-leaders in the “people” space.

Why #tru? The #tru Unconferences are a series of moderator led, discussion-based conferences organised worldwide, where the emphasis is on conversation and free exchange of ideas and experiences. These (dis)organised events, aimed at recruiters and HR enthusiasts, are all about the latest innovations and technologies used in making HR easier.
If you’re never been to a #tru event, we recommend you read our #tru FAQ section

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5 reasons you should join the #tru carnival in Sydney

  • No regurgitated old topics – Fresh ideas, fresh knowledge from leading minds in the industry, united by a common passion
  • No tiresome presentations – An open, creative space to share ideas and opinions on the HR topics that matter most to you
  • No stuffy dress codes or conference centres – #tru is a relaxed environment where anyone can discuss, create, drive and deliver
  • No wasted time/energy – #tru provides tangible returns, not just theory – Ask and give advice, find solutions for the current/real issues that matter to you and your organisation
  • A platform for you to voice your thoughts and opinions on hot topics with experts and peers alike

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Day 1: 4th December, 2014

9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Join Bill in a day of discussion, debate, learning, fun and connecting:
Bill Boorman - #tru

If you’re looking for a conventional conference agenda, you’ve come to the wrong place. #tru is a day full of exciting, interesting and stimulating recruitment conversation. Each conversation is called a Track and will be lead by one or more it Track Leaders who are experts in their field. We will be running 3 tracks at a time, lasting 1 hour  on topics relating to recruiting, sourcing and talent attraction,

Bring your own problems, ideas or thoughts and see how they fly. This is totally participant led, where the track leaders are the fire starters and hosts.

Our current bag of topics include:

The real disruption and disruptors in the space
Culture brand v Culture bland
Getting the workforce engaged in your recruiting efforts
Managing hiring managers
A new model for talent acquisition
Candidate experience: Who really cares?
Are badges for boyscouts? Real gamification
The trouble with tech recruiting
Impact of mobility
To RPO or go it alone
What would clients pay for?
How social is your recruiting?
Content that really attracts
Every time somone says EVP a small puppy dies
Companies who get it (The case studies)
The surgery: Bring your issues and difficulties
Recruiting The Graduates of 2016

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Networking Drinks:

#Tru is all about collaboration, discussion and networking. We will close the day with drinks, where you can meet your peers, our partners and make new friends. This networking opportunity is sponsored by Broadbean.

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