So You’ve Got Innovative Talent – Now What?

Organisations want to hire innovators and gain the benefits that new maverick employees bring with them.  BUT, what happens when these maverick new employees truly disrupt the status quo?  How do you deal with the disruption of different personalities and gain the innovation that you so desperately want?
I took these question once again to Kevin and John, who share their tips on identifying innovative talent, and most importantly how to manage them once they’re through the door.
Also take a look at Simon Townsend’s article, where he discusses the need for our organisations to recruit a wide range of personalities in order to facilitate innovation. Simon has also developed a short survey to help you identify your dominant personality trait, and how this affects the way you work, connect share and innovate. You can do Simon’s survey, here.
If you’re still trying to attract that innovative talent, Nicole Clarke shares her tips on how to build a future looking career site, today.
For those of you coming along to the ATC next week, make sure you do the survey and attend Simon’s Think Tank session where he’ll discuss your results, match you with potential mentors, and discuss how we can all work together to innovate talent management. You can still register your seat for the Sydney and Auckland events, as well as the FREE Amazon Innovation lab, here.
See you there!

—- Identifying and Managing Innovative Talent—-

Kevin and John-Disruptors
Trevor Vas – What Happens When Your Disruptors Get Too Disruptive?
Simon Townsend – Diversification Within Innovation
Nicole Clarke – Building A Better Careers Site For The Future, Today

If you want to learn how to improve your branding, marketing and engagement to recruit the most innovative talent, join your peers at  ATC2015 in Sydney. HURRY, Limited spots are still available, here.

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