What makes a Great Recruiter in this Market?

I’ve been rec2recing for a million years. I’ve probably met with over 1000 recruiters and 100’s of recruitment agency owner/managers.
Don’t get me wrong I don’t want your sympathy, but I thought it may be a good idea to let you know what agencies are looking for when hiring their top talent.
I want to apologise in advance, but I’m going to be pretty blunt… here goes.

number 1Demonstrate some career stability:

Hate to say it but 5 different roles in 5 years just doesn’t cut it… Everyone’s entitled to making a career whoopsey or 2… but for God’s sake… take some ownership! If you have had 5 roles in 5 years (or 4 in 4… or even 3 in 3)… the problem is you… Not the company you joined, or the manager you had… the problem is you.

number 2Know what a good biller really is:

Seriously, if you are not billing a minimum of 3-4 times your base salary package you are not as good as you think you are – end of. Oh… and I will want to see evidence of billings… hear that… evidence.

number 3References people:

I know it is sometimes difficult to get a reference from your current employer… but you all are recruiters right? You know your clients expect refs… ummm… mine are the same. Please don’t go through a process only to reveal at the end you have no-one apart from you mother to give you a rap…

number 4Cut the BS:

It is not that difficult for me to work out if what you’re telling me is a big fat lie. For a start if your LI profile doesn’t match your resume we’re not off to a very good start. Be transparent with me. I can’t help you if you are feeding me a whole lotta BS… and to be perfectly frank I don’t to help you if that’s the way you play…
[bctt tweet=”If your LI profile doesn’t match your resume we’re not off to a very good start says @WatsonCollard” username=”ATCevent”]

number templateDemonstrate your specialisation:

 It doesn’t fill me (or my clients) with any confidence at all if you don’t have a specialisation… you don’t understand your specialisation… or you don’t understand the importance of having a specialisation… You need to be a centimetre wide and a kilometre deep (I love metric) to demonstrate value to clients these days… end of. So there you go.
So there you go…
But… If you are a Recruitment Consultant… with a stable background, good solid billings, access to reliable references, transparent & honest and really understands your specialisation I am inundated with opportunities right now. I’d love to have a coffee with you (my shout), to discuss the market and help you find a good home.
I look forward to speaking with you!
Craig Watson
Image: http://shutterstock.com

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