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Tom Cornell

Industrial/Organisational Psychologist, HireVue

Game-Based Assessments: How Utilising Games to Assess Cognitive Ability Produces Better Quality Hires

Cognitive pre-hire assessments are considered the gold-standard for gaining a deeper understanding of a candidate’s innate abilities. Cognitive ability has repeatedly been shown to predict job performance and career advancement better than any other ability or personality trait, and even better than job experience. Get a deep look into how HireVue’s game-based assessments offer a valid alternative to traditional, question-based tests, and along the way learn about what is being measured, why, and how it will impact your bottom line.

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Tom is an Industrial/Organisational Psychologist at HireVue, specialising in the development and delivery of HireVue’s game-based assessments. He joined the business through the acquisition of the London-based startup MindX.

Prior to joining the MindX team, Tom led the design and implementation of global assessment solutions employing traditional psychometric methods. He holds a Masters degree in Occupational Psychology from Goldsmiths, University of London.

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