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Teresa Collis

Head of Global Recruitment Marketing and Competency & Culture Development, Siemens

Teresa is Head of Global Recruitment Marketing and Competency & Culture Development at Siemens. She engages with a diverse team of global and regional leaders to support adaptive transformations and equip their people to lead Talent Acquisition and other business functions into the future.

In leading the Recruitment Marketing function, she and her global team focus on implementing innovative and effective strategies that leverage the company’s Employer Brand in order to deliver specific recruiting outcomes – recruiting the best and the brightest talent for Siemens.

Teresa’s professional background includes time spent as a Medical Scientist, and working across various functions of sales, technical support, marketing, communications, strategic planning, organisational development and employer branding. Her comprehensive business experience has taught her that the key to thriving – not just surviving – in this rapidly changing VUCA world is to build a culture that enables a company and its’ people to be adaptive and agile.