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Tariq Shaban

Senior Assessment Consultant (APAC), HireVue


Tariq Shaban, Senior Assessment Consultant (APAC) and Mirela Lane, Business Transformational Lead (APAC) at HireVue

Adapt To Survive: Why Agile Talent Is The Future Of Work

Businesses and TA teams are under huge pressure to fill jobs – and record levels of recruitment volatility is forecast to continue.

What does this mean for the Australian market where job opportunities continue to outpace candidates?

Being able to move the fastest is no longer enough. Organisations now need to be able to hire for retention, while at the same time unlocking pools of talent to fill future business needs.

To help you prepare, organisational psychologists and solution architects from HireVue will share the latest thinking around:

  • Strategies to reach and engage more candidates, and ultimately match them with more job opportunities.
  • How agile assessments can be used to help find quality candidates who can grow and flex to changing business environments.
  • Examples from leading organisations that are applying these approaches to successfully overcome hiring challenges.

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About Tariq

Tariq Shaban is a highly experienced assessment consultant and psychometrician, having developed and delivered performance, assessment, and selection processes for more than thirteen years. Tariq has two postgraduate degrees in the field, demonstrating his commitment to scientific rigour and lifelong learning. As an applied researcher in the field of I/O psychology, he believes that it is important to provide clients with sound advice based on scientific principles, tailoring products to their needs and goals without sacrificing rigour and best practice.

He has worked closely with customers over the years to turn their assessment needs into custom solutions. His reputation for creating assessment solutions has led him to develop flagship assessment products for multiple test publishers.