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Sue Howse, Janine Belcher, Liz Ranieri


Is Your Organisation a Talent Hoarder or a Talent Nurturer

Internal Mobility is an important element of an organisations Talent Management Strategy, with priorities focussed on optimum retention and engagement of people, the development of workforce skills and capability, greater business agility and effective workforce utilisation/productivity.

Many companies still take a transactional perspective on people and Talent management. With a short-term lens and the challenge companies face with lack of visibility of their workforce, mobility is often not done well, if at all.

In this panel discussion, Sue, Janine and Liz will discuss strategy & culture alignment, new ways of working and how viewing careers differently invokes new ways and different thinking.

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About Sue

Director of independent consulting firm, Black Diamond is a highly experienced, talent industry executive and thought leader with over 25 years’ experience in Human Resources, Talent Strategy, Talent Management, Talent Acquisition and Talent Solutions – locally and globally.

Having designed and led some of the most complex Talent Management and Acquisition models around the world, Sue is known for her expertise in leadership, strategy design and execution.  With a deep industry perspective she’s worked with organisations across all industry sectors and has the ability to draw upon this experience deeply.

Further to Sue’s Talent Industry expertise, she has spent the past 10 years working with small to medium businesses in Australia, building successful business plans and models to accelerate organisation capability, creating sustainable performance.

About Janine

Janine is a consultant in New Zealand that specialises in working with both public sector and private sector Executive teams on aligning culture, capability and leadership to business strategy.

With a depth of expertise in leading people, culture and Talent Acquisition functions, along with secondments as GM Business Improvement and GM Service Development and program leadership, she has experienced mobility and Talent development first hand. Janine is working with companies who are focused on adapting how they build, mobilise, develop and retain Talent to drive a competitive advantage and what that means for leadership, culture, reward and recognition in the workplace.

About Liz

Liz is a leader within Transformation Communications and People team in Telstra. With deep expertise in workforce capability, her current mission is to help the organisation transition to a new career experience, one less about upward promotion and more about progression.

Liz has broad experience across HR generalist, organisational development, workforce management and business operations. Liz established the Strategic Workforce Planning function for Telstra and subsequently led the Capability Transformation program, she is now the Product Owner for the Career Model, leading out the next phase of change in the career experience.

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