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Steve Gard

Founder, BenchmarCX

Excellence in Candidate Experience

We have a great candidate experience!  Really, compared to who? When we measure the candidate experience we provide, it’s a foot race with no competitors, or at least no competitor data. Or it’s an collective number not considering the experience of women versus the experience of men. This year, we will be announcing the BenchmarCX 2024 Excellence in Candidate Experience Award finalists and winner, live on stage and share how’s its measured and who its measured against. 🏆

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About Steve

Steve Gard’s 25+year career in recruitment is marked by his foundational belief in the importance of candidate experience. As the former Head of Talent Acquisition in various global regions including Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India, Steve has led recruitment teams of up to 30 professionals, annually hiring as many as 6,000 people. His expertise in enhancing candidate care led him to establish

The Circle Back Initiative in July 2020 a free to join candidate care mission with over 300 employers onboard and BenchmarCX, a pioneering platform that captures, analyses, and benchmarks candidate experiences. This tool allows organisations to gain deep insights into their recruitment processes by comparing their data against broader industry metrics, ensuring a continually improving candidate journey. Through his initiatives, Steve Gard underscores the critical role of candidate experience in successful talent acquisition.

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